•  Formed over an old, dismantled gui­tar with a unique sound, Josh Wiig and Matt Pendergraff have been mu­sically entertaining people all across southwest Iowa the past couple years as the group, Open Interest.

    “We met over a guitar I put back together and brought back to life. This guitar was in pieces and through a period of time, I restored it. I don’t remem­ber why I showed it to Matt,” Wiig recalled.

  • RED OAK — Get your Bingo cards ready, Red Oak. Vicki Quade will be bringing her interactive Bible Bingo show to the Wilson Performing Arts Center Saturday night.

    Quade, a comedienne and playwright from Chicago, describes “Bible Bingo: An Act of Charity…in Two Acts” as an interactive religious comedy where people in the audience play seven games of Bingo.

  • RED OAK — A traveling family band took to the stage at the Wilson Performing Arts Center Thursday night and left the crowd clamoring for an encore.

    The Hunts, a band that plays a variation of folk, rock and Irish-rock, played in front of a capacity crowd.

    Following their last song of the night, which was a cover of Charlie Daniels classic hit “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” the audience stood and applauded to get an encore, which they were more than happy to provide.

  • RED OAK — Talya G.A. Solon was standing in the hallway outside one of the practice rooms at the Wilson Performing Arts Center last Tuesday, when several shy young ballet dancers slowly approached. Solon saw them approach and the girls said they enjoyed the show.

    The ballet dancers saw a performance of Solon and her musical group, the Yamma Ensemble of Israel, earlier that day.

    “What did you like the most,” Solon asked the dancers.

    The girls responded they enjoyed the music

  • CRESTON— Tickets are now available at Southwestern Community College in Red Oak for Iowa native and internationally renowned bass-baritone Simon Estes’ concert at Southwestern Community College. 

    The concert will be in SWCC’s Student Center gymnasium on Sunday, Oct. 23 at 2 p.m. The event will raise money for a scholarship fund created by Estes, as well as SWCC’s Education Foundation.

  • RED OAK — With the Iowa Caucuses fast approaching in January, a new musical dives into the Iowa politics pastime.

    “Caucus: The Musical,” directed by Elizabeth Huggins of Atlantic, tells the story of an Iowa farmer and his family, who become recognized by the national media as they represent the “typical Iowa caucus-goers.”

    The Presidential candidates soon realize they’ll have to do anything to get the family’s vote and win.

  • RED OAK — This week is the final week for people to see the latest lobby gallery display at the Wilson Performing Arts Center by Curt Adams.

    Adams said his display was inspired by a graduate student at Drake named Marvin Hill, who had created 3-D woodcuts.

    Hill died of cancer about five years ago. Adams said he thought of the 3-D work Hill did and decided to do a tribute, starting with a 3-D Painting.

    “And then I became fascinated with the whole process,” he said.

  • Rebecca Scherle and Alfred Matarazzo were united in marriage at a ceremony attended by dozens of friends and family on the beach at Puerto Morelos, Mexico on Feb. 19.

  • (EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article and photo was submitted to the Red Oak Express by Susie Enarson.)

  • On Thursday morning, John Allison and nine others were in his home at 805 Valley Street when he noticed the power going on and off. When Allison went to investigate the house, he noticed the smell of smoke and called 911.

    All 10 people and two dogs evacuated the home. Firefighters arrived minutes later and immediately started battling the blaze. An electrical fire had started in the attic, according to Allison’s sister-in-law, Shelley Lovick.

    Family and friends watched silently as firemen went in and out of the house.

  • The Performing Arts and Education Association of Southwest Iowa (PAEA) is offering guitar classes, starting again in June. Registration and open house is on May 14 and will be held from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Wilson Performing Arts Center, 300 Commerce Drive in Red Oak. Reiman Music will be available with instruments, accessories, and a rent-to-own acoustic guitar program.

  • When preparing to pursue a project, my husband, Darwin, always tells me, “It’s all about having the right equipment.” The same is very true in gardening. The great thing about tools for this project is that, unless you are putting in large-scale gardens, the tool investment can be very small.

  • RED OAK — Darcy Horn was born in California and lived in South Dakota and Nebraska but decided to settle in Red Oak. Horn owns The Jade Dog at 413 North Third St. You’ll find unique art-to-wear and unusual beads and findings to use in your own creations. Horn sells her pieces at her shop and online, but wants to expand into more teaching of the craft. Horn didn’t start out making tiny Barbie bracelets, “In high school I took architecture I liked the mechanical the drafting and the math.

  • VILLISCA —Julie Wainwright has found that sometimes dreams refuse to be ignored any longer. Somehow minds shoot holes in once familiar excuses. Somewhere inside the realization of knowing who you are supposed to be robs one’s peace of mind until it’s acknowledged as far more than a mere dream for a later time. As the prompting for letting others know and benefit from one’s uniqueness continued to urge compliance, Wainwright realized it was time to let the public know of the dream for which she was now willing to make sacrifices. For Wainwright, Friday, Jan.

  • VILLISCA"About 9:30 p.m. after completing a 14 1/2 hour shift at Alegent Health Mercy Hospital in Corning on Dec. 28, Dixie McCuen chatted on the cell phone with her husband as she drove toward their home in Villisca. The road looked clear and dry that starry night and she was eager to be home with Chad and their three small sons. They meant the world to her, and she knew the feelings were mutual. She and Chad had survived some tough situations, but as the 24-year-old considered her future, it’d never looked brighter. Then she hit black ice.

  • It’s been nearly a decade now since Red Oak cut the ribbon on its state-of-the-art YMCA building.

    The YMCA has been kept in tip-top shape over the past 8 1/2 years, but members of the facility’s board of directors and management team realize the day will come when they’ll be confronted with a major maintenance project or two.

    The maintenance work could involve a resurfacing project in the swimming pool, replacing the gymnasium floor or maybe even repairing a leak in the roof.