What is Newspaper In Education?

Newspaper In Education (NIE) is a cooperative effort between schools in our county and The Red Oak Express to promote the use of newspapers as an educational resource. NIE provides schools with the newspaper at no cost to teachers or schools.

NIE is a unique way for area schools, businesses and The Red Oak Express to work together in a partnership that benefits all of us now and in the future. Through the use of daily news, editorials, features and even advertising, students at all grade levels can learn math and cost comparison skills, geography and meteorology, history, and currents events and how they shape our world, all while improving reading and comprehension skills.

According to a study conducted for the NAA Foundation, students in schools with NIE programs did 10 percent better than students in schools that had no NIE program. The study found that NIE programs can make a large difference in the quality of student education.

In summary, the NIE program helps motivate and teach students with a “living textbook”.

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For more information on your local NIE program, contact:

TheRed Oak Express 712-623-2566


Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.